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At EZsamaritan, our mission is to provide the most secure, dependable and easy to use fundraising / crowdfunding platform in the world at the lowest cost!

About Us - EZsamaritan

Welcome to EZsamaritan L.L.C. is a U.S. based company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, founded by Phillip Nguyen. Phillip is a community leader, businessman, and experienced software engineer with a vision and mission to forever change charity fundraising. In his experience serving on charity boards, Phillip was disappointed by net fundraising proceeds due to fees and expenses involved in traditional crowdfunding campaigns, so he set out to make a difference. Phillip assembled a team of professionals to bring EZsamaritan to the world.

While others charged as much as 12% for platform service fee (website fee), EZsamaritan offers it FREE of CHARGE for all the religious and non-profit 501c3 organizations and only 2.5% for all the personal fundraising campaigns while enjoying the benefits of three-fold donation choices. Donors can participate by either donating money, donating time, or they can participate in EZsamaritan’s unique auction option. As an auction donor, participants can donate tangible goods to be auctioned to the highest bidder. As a further incentive to encourage auction donors to participate, the donor can elect to donate the entire auction value of their contribution to the campaign –OR—the donor can reserve a portion of the auction value and donate the remaining balance to the campaign.

Give us a try, and you will experience the difference! With EZsamaritan, fundraising will never be the same.

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