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Getting Started

How it works for the Fundraiser?

Step 1: Start your fundraising campaign at for FREE

Step 2: Then open your FREE merchant payment account at to collect your online donations

Step 3: Setup your campaign to receive online donations and Stripe will directly deposit your money to your bank account


While other charge as much as 9% for platform service fee, we make it FREE for all religious, and non-profit charity organizations (501c3). When we said it’s FREE, it’s FREE! No gimmicks or tricks of any kind. With, there are more ways to fundraise for your cause, more incentives for donors to give, and more opportunities for you to reach out to strangers for donations because of our online charity auction platform. Best of all, more money for your cause because there is NO platform service fee for all the charity and non-profit 501c3 organizations.

  1. FREE for All Non-Profits
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Secure Transactions
  4. More Fundraising Options
  5. 100% Campaign Ownership
  6. No Hidden Costs or Penalties
  7. Outstanding Tech Support
  8. Personalized Service

How do I make a donation with my credit card?

Making a donation with your Credit Card can be done in less than a couple of minutes. Directly go to the campaign if you know the link or enter your search in the search box.

Your donation amount will be instantly added to the campaign’s total. A confirmation message of the donation is then sent to you and to the fundraiser.

You have the option to stay anonymous or add your name to the list of the donors. You can also make an offline donation if you wish. See Offline Donation for details.

EZsamaritan on the NEWS WZZM TV 13

On July 3rd of 2018, we were on the news WZZM TV 13 West Michigan.  We deeply appreciate TV 13 and their staff helping us spreading the message.

EZsamaritan on the news WGVU Public Radio with Shelly Irwin.

We deeply appriciate WGVU and Shelly Irwin for having us on her radio talk show to talk about EZsamaritan and how people can use it to benefit their organizations. (Click here to listen Radio)


Why choose EZsamaritan?

  • FREE for All Non-Profits
  • Easy to Use
  • Secure Transactions
  • More Fundraising Options
  • 100% Campaign Ownership
  • No Hidden Costs or Penalties
  • Outstanding Tech Support
  • Personalized Service
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