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Getting Started

How can I help this campaign if I can’t give cash?

If you’re not in a position to make a cash donation, you can donate an item to be auctioned online to benefit the campaign you are supporting assuming that the fundraiser of that campaign elected to include the online auction as another option. With the auction option, you can choose to give a partial donation where a portion of the proceeds will be yours to keep. Additionally, you can donate time, committing yourself as a volunteer.

Can I set a reserve price on my donated auction item?

Yes! All of our EZsamaritan's Online Charity auctions have the Reserved Price or Minimum Price option. Meaning that if an auction is set with a Reserved Price and it NEVER REACHES that threshold, then it will END without a winner. Please keep in mind that the fundraiser has all final say on his or her campaign. 

How do I offer an item for auction?

Follow these five simple steps to donate an item for auction: 1. Click on the link to offer to donate an item for auction. If you don't see an option to donate an item for auction, then contact the fundraiser for them to turn this feature on for their campaign. 2. Provide the information requested, including any special auction terms or a reserve price. 3. Wait for the fundraiser to accept your donated item request. A fundraiser may or may not be interested in your donated item. He or she may even want to negotiate the donation term with you if it is a split donation. 4. If accepted, then the fundraiser will do the auction setup and will manage the entire process. 5. After the auction is successfully closed, you will receive information from the campaign fundraiser letting you know when and where to ship your donated item. Funds will be available to withdraw after all parties have fulfilled their obligations.

What are the donation options?

As a donor, you have a few options to make your contribution.  1. Make a donation with your credit card is the quickest and the easiest one.  2. Make a donation with an item to be auctioned off for the good cause.  3. Make an off-line donation using check or money order. 4. Make a time donation by committing as a volunteer.

Do I have to open an account to donate?

If you are donating monetarily or offering to donate time, you do not need to open an account! However, if you are offering to donate an auction item, you will need an account in order to contact the fundraiser and be held accountable for shipping the item.

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