Sumo Fundraising Challenge - Omar versus Ace

Ace Marasigan

Grand Rapids, MI Charity

$170.00 Raised of $1K Goal

Raised by 3 people in 6 years

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Sumo Fundraising Challenge - Omar versus Ace

The Story

Omar and Ace are raising funds for two separate causes.  Omar is raising funds for the Hispanic Center, Ace is raising funds for Living Hope Community Church, to do a free mobile food pantry. 

They would like to ask YOU to give in a different way. If this fundraiser raises $500 by 5 pm Friday, June 8, Omar and Ace will go head to head in the Sumo ring. If this fundraiser raise a thousand dollars, they will put on the Sumo belts (if available) and wrestle in a winner takes all sumo charity match - haha

Real Sumo Champions Yama, Byamba, and Takeshi will be teaching everyone the rules, techniques, and will show how it's done RIGHT! during the Night out with the Sumo held at the JW Marriott. This is also where Omar and Ace will wrestle, and show everyone how it's done WRONG! :)

Give $5 or a thousand dollars, and hope that these two amateurs don't pull a hamstring, and hurt themselves. hahaha.

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about 4 years ago

Yes, I don't grow enough facial hair to make no shave November noticeable. But that does not matter. I am dedicating the entire November to raise funds for my good friend who is battling cancer. The funds I raise here, I will give 100% to the family to use for however they see fit.

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